Predictions for 2024 Kitchen Trends

Here at Wood Works Brighton, we design and craft luxury bespoke kitchens and fitted furniture.

Our kitchens are timeless and built to last: an investment, rather than an impulse buy. Nevertheless, predicting emerging kitchen trends can be an interesting way to observe how style is evolving.

To acknowledge that we’re not a mainstream kitchen designer, in this article we’ll give a rundown of our predictions for the top 10 2024 kitchen trends.

1. Fluted wood and glass

Amongst our top kitchen trends for 2024 are reeded glass and fluted oak.

Slide door

Image: Kinshasa – fluted glass pantry doors

These products are ideal for adding textural contrast and enhancing depth. Reeded glass is a great addition to cabinets and pantry doors. Fluted oak adds subtle texture to islands and works well with smooth matte products like Forbo or Valchromat. Examples of our use of fluted wood and glass include:

  • Kinshasa – fluted glass doors add interest to the walk-in pantry
  • Benghazi – curved fluted oak panels
  • Bangui – fluted oak milano panels to echo the lines of the green corduroy seating
  • Nampula – fluted oak accents in this smart midnight blue Forbo kitchen

2. Island trends

The kitchen island has long been a desirable feature but it is evolving. Among the kitchen trends for 2024, we might see variations on islands, including:

  • table-style islands
  • streamlined, less bulky islands
  • freestanding islands and elevated baker’s tables that expose the floor beneath
  • more islands that are exclusively kitchen workspaces and don’t require seating

Handmade kitchen

Image: Kinshasa – practical island with added dining area

3. Banquette seating

Besides being a functional space, the kitchen has become a place to work, entertain and nurture bonds with family and friends. Because many of us want a multipurpose kitchen, we’ll see a trend for built-in bench seating in dining areas.

Banquettes are a neat and useful seating solution that can be integrated into your kitchen design to provide additional storage space. If you opt for upholstered banquette seating, this can soften the acoustics of your space and add a cosier feel.

curved kitchen, curved pantry, curved bench seat, curved banquet

Image: Bangui with built in banquette seating

4. Walk-in pantries

Walk-in pantries will continue to be a kitchen trend in 2024. Having a dedicated space to store food, wine, kitchen gadgets and serveware makes these annexes the height of luxury living.

Where space permits, a walk-in pantry allows homeowners to enjoy an organised life without the daily need to navigate unnecessary clutter.

Slide door

Image: Kinshasa – a walk-in pantry in an otherwise awkward nook

Hand painted green and pink modern shaker kitchen

Image: Luanda – hidden walk-in pantry

5. Concealed beverage or coffee stations

If you like to start your day with a caffeine buzz – or finish it with a relaxing cocktail! – the hidden coffee station or bar cart is the 2024 kitchen trend for you.

As a continuation of the move to intelligent internal storage solutions, a beverage station concealed inside a pantry or cupboard keeps visual clutter to a minimum. It is also a practical way to use space within a cabinet, as it requires only a relatively narrow ledge which can be surrounded by fitted shelving and drawers.

The delicate curves are what make this kitchen extra special. We both knew that all the curves would feature the flute oak. 

Image: Bangui – concealed beverage station

6. The green kitchen trend

Modern in frame kitchen

Image: Luanda – a pink and sage green kitchen

We’ve been asked to create kitchens in various shades of green:

  • Lagos – a vibrant verdigris hue
  • Kandi– in Farrow & Ball Calke Green
  • Luanda – above – in soft sage green with pink
  • Dakar – below – in subtle olive
  • Kananga – a deep forest green kitchen

We predict that strong, saturated green will continue to be the on-trend kitchen colour in 2024. This versatile shade contrasts beautifully with all tones of wood, from pale to deep. Depending on budget and preferences, you can opt for a bespoke hand painted kitchen or choose coloured Valchromat or Forbo.

Long oak handles-forgo kitchen-fluted oak

Image: Dakar olive green kitchen

7. The ‘soft modern’ aesthetic

Essentially ‘soft modern’ combines the clean lines of minimalism with the addition of some curves and softer textures to keep the design contemporary yet also warm, welcoming and balanced.

This is reflected in our Scandi, Japandi and mid-century inspired kitchens, such as Zaria, with its freestanding furniture.

8. Gold-coloured faucets

Another of the top kitchen trends for 2024 is gold-coloured taps and hardware.

Surprisingly versatile, brushed brass taps elevate kitchens and lend an elegant and luxurious warmth. However, it’s important to note that the muted matte effect of brushed brass is very different to the brash and shiny gold-toned fixtures of the 80s and 90s!

9. White marble and quartz worktops

Many of our clients have opted for crisp white worktops in deluxe natural stone and this is set to continue as one of the key 2024 kitchen trends. It is hard to dispute the durability and deluxe appeal of veined marble or pure white quartz worktops and generous feature splashbacks.

Image: Ghanzi

10. Sustainable kitchens

Well-built, sustainable kitchens will continue to be in demand. The majority of our kitchens are crafted using reclaimed and eco-friendly materials, including:

  • Lamu – a kitchen made from reclaimed oak and innovative Valchromat with Foresso worktops made from recycled timber off-cuts
  • Ikorodu – an industrial style kitchen made from reclaimed oak with Forbo and Valchromat
  • Lusaka – a honey-toned kitchen, built from upcycled vintage oak beams and railway sleepers from France

For timeless kitchens that defy trends…

Whether or not you’ve been inspired by our predictions of 2024 kitchen trends, we can tailor our designs to meet your aesthetic. Please click to secure an initial design consultation with Wood Works Brighton.