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Handcrafted Japandi Kitchens

Handcrafted Japandi Kitchens

At Wood Works, we specialise in crafting serene, functional, and aesthetically captivating Japandi kitchens. Our studio is dedicated to the fusion of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian warmth, offering unique and harmonious Japandi kitchen designs that encapsulates the essence of both cultures.

Our Design Philosophy

We believe in the power of simplicity, natural elements, and functional elegance.Our japandi style kitchens seamlessly integrate clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and the use of natural materials to create kitchens that are both visually stunning and highly practical.

The Japandi Kitchen Design Experience

Our team combines meticulous attention to detail with a profound understanding of the Japandi style. We prioritise the following key elements:

Minimalism: Embracing simplicity by focusing on essential design elements, ensuring a clutter-free, calming environment.

Natural Materials: Incorporating wood, stone, and other natural materials to create a warm, organic ambiance that reflects both Japanese and Scandinavian design sensibilities.

Functionality: Designing bespoke japandi kitchens that not only look beautiful but are also highly functional, promoting effortless and efficient daily use.

Harmony and Balance: Creating spaces that achieve a harmonious blend between Japanese Zen principles and the cozy warmth of Scandinavian design.

Our japandi style kitchen designs will cater to your unique preferences, space, and lifestyle. We ensure expert guidance in selecting the finest natural materials to elevate your kitchen’s aesthetics. From concept to completion, we manage the entire kitchen design process, ensuring a seamless experience when creating your dream modern Japandi kitchen.

Get in Touch

If you’re seeking a kitchen that harmonises simplicity and sophistication, our Japandi Kitchen design is perfect for you. Get in touch today and let us craft a Japandi kitchen that reflects your individual style and elevates your home’s ambiance.

Wood Works welcomes you to experience the serenity and functionality of Japandi kitchen design.

Bringing Tranquility and Functionality to Your Home.







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Our contemporary kitchen designs encompass a wide range of styles allowing you to truly express your creativity and make an elegant design statement. Our custom-made contemporary kitchens can be found in endless colours and styles ranging from wood to stone finishes or ultra-matt to hand painted cabinets. No matter how challenging the brief is, our expert team will be there to guide you to find a contemporary kitchen style that is guaranteed to delight and built to last a lifetime.

Ready to begin your journey to having a stunning custom made contemporary kitchen? Call us on 07806 202975 or contact us here to Book A Design Consultation. We look forward to working with you to turn your dream kitchen into a reality.
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