Harmony and efficiency: the advantages of a skilled designer/joiner

Whether you’re embarking on a major renovation, reworking an open plan space or you’ve got the blank canvas of a new build, there are many benefits to using a skilled designer and joiner for your project.

In this blog, we’ll take a detailed look at the numerous benefits of working with a single joiner for bespoke kitchen and fitted furniture…

The importance of kitchen design

Kitchens play a pivotal role in our homes, whether the property is old or brand new.

Whatever reason you’re starting from scratch, you have the perfect opportunity to make an impact. This is where kitchen design can become particularly exciting: you can hit the mark, both on an aesthetic and functional basis.

Where you have a chance to start afresh, bespoke solutions are the ultimate way to meet individual preferences, practical needs and architectural requirements.

Why collaborate with a designer/joiner

There are various advantages to gain from partnering with a skilled designer and joiner for your kitchen and fitted furniture requirements, including:

  • A cohesive approach to the overall design
  • Unified and seamless integration across the entire space
  • Enhanced quality control
  • Consistent craftsmanship and materials

dark green and oak kitchen

dark green and oak kitchen

Image: Lagos – a dark green Valchromat kitchen

With Lagos, our clients were keen to have some shelving and storage in their open plan kitchen-living area. We used oak and green Valchromat to tie in with their chosen theme so that the two spaces flowed.

Another example of integration is our Japandi kitchen, Bangui. This kitchen also features a dining area with built in seating. We crafted the banquette in Milano fluted oak to tie in with the rippled accents in the kitchen.

curved kitchen, curved pantry, curved bench seat, curved banquet

Image: Bangui – open plan kitchen

Streamlining the process

One of the biggest hurdles, when undertaking a big home project, is coordinating multiple tradespeople and keeping everything on track.

Scheduling different specialists and contractors can be a nightmare of a job that no one wants (unless you’re the Project Manager, of course!). This is made even worse if you’re living in your home during the project, as you’ll want to minimise the time that you’re without a kitchen.

Engaging one company to design, build and install your kitchen and other fitted furniture is a great way to reduce the administrative burden. It also keeps things simple and ensures that you stay on schedule. If you appoint us, we’ll streamline the workflow to save you time as well as the potential headache associated with managing a big project.

Achieving design harmony and consistency

For us, it’s important to maintain coherence throughout your home. You want your rooms to flow and reflect your style and aesthetic, while avoiding jarring changes.

Taking a unified approach to your kitchen and fitted furniture – from styling to choosing finishes – will ensure consistent design.

black kitchen

Image: Monrovia – modern black-stained oak kitchen

white washroom

Image: Monrovia – white washroom

With Monrovia, we were approached by Scott Batty Architect to design and build a kitchen for a prestigious Sussex new build property. Inspired by the black timber cladding that covers the stylish modern home, we designed a sleek industrial oak kitchen, handstained in black. We also installed a bespoke staircase and created a white washroom to contrast with the black oak.

For us, collaboration is often a key part of the process. We work closely with homeowners, interior designers and architects to tailor solutions that meet their vision and aesthetic.

Large vintage oak kitchen

Image: Lusaka – vintage oak kitchen

With our Lusaka kitchen, we sourced vintage oak which was carried through onto a feature wall and other accents within the home. We also designed and installed wardrobes and units throughout, for a unified style. Our client Sally commented:

“Loved creating and designing our kitchen, wardrobes and many inbuilt units in our new build house (which does not have any 90 degree angles!) with Wood Works Brighton. Between Francois’ designs and Adam’s build we ended up with a very professional finished product which is fantastic. All works were done through the pandemic but we’re finally all finished – we have more for them to do but will wait for the spring!”

High-quality tailored solutions

If you’ve invested in a prestigious new build, redevelopment or renovation, it’s a shame to cut corners by compromising on your kitchen or furniture.

Many times, clients are surprised at the cost of our bespoke kitchen and furniture design when compared to off-the-shelf alternatives. When you factor in the long-term value of high-quality custom-made furniture, there is a good case for working with a skilled joiner for comprehensive design and installation.


Image: Kisigani – a modern oak and Valchromat kitchen in a new build home – was built to our client’s exact specification without compromise

Bespoke fitted kitchen and furniture design and installation

As discussed, there are many advantages to collaborating with a skilled kitchen and furniture joiner. We offer optimum efficiency as well as ensuring harmonious and coherent design.

To find out more about our work and availability, please book a free design consultation to discuss your ideas and project.