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Our kitchen design process:

Zaria is a contemporary oak kitchen design which was borne out of a collaboration with our clients who are in the gaming and graphic industry. They designed their entire kitchen in a similar model to a game. With the details in the design we kept pushing each other to the limit to see what we could create. In the end the design was an amalgamation of several visions and ideas, all working really successfully together.

This is one of the most beautiful, unique kitchens we have had the pleasure of working on. Mounted on elegant angled legs, the mid-century modern oak kitchen cabinets and curved island resemble freestanding furniture.

We just love creating bold, colourful and quirky kitchen designs. Here, the Durat worktop is an intense jade green which works wonderfully with the warm toned oak and shell pink wall tiles. The floor is a relatively neutral terrazzo to add a bit more texture. The pops of orange and egg yolk yellow further elevate the design because – well – why not?!

Our clients commented:
“Wood Works built us a stunning new kitchen, bringing flair and dedication to the process throughout. The team did such a brilliant job and worked so hard to make it a reality.

“The design we came up with together was testing in places, including custom 50mm ply curves on the main units which needed a few runs in the workshop to figure out. The delicate legs make it feel like free-standing bits of furniture. Where colour was included it was brilliantly colour-matched to other areas in the space. The results are quality throughout. Thank you Francois and Adam for bringing a big smile to our faces every single day!”


  • Curves
    Fluted oak lends itself to curved kitchen designs like Zaria.
  • Large floating kitchen island
    The curvy mid-century inspired island looks great and provides ample space for display, storage and seating.
  • Freestanding oak cabinets
    Challenging the standard of a down-to-the-ground ‘kickboard’, with Zaria, the contemporary oak kitchen cabinets are all raised off the ground by slim orange legs.


  • Materials – oak veneer on flexible birch ply | fluted oak | linoleum
  • Worktops – Durat
  • Floor – Terrazzo


For all enquiries regarding our handmade kitchens, please contact us via our form.


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