Built-in Wardrobe Ideas to Enhance Your Home

Made-to-measure bedroom furniture can be a beautiful addition to your home. Whether you like classic Shaker or modern designs, we can install bespoke wardrobes and storage that complement your interior and lifestyle.

In this article, we’ll look at the advantages of opting for custom-made bedroom furniture before providing some inspiration and ideas for storage solutions.

Bespoke wardrobes and storage systems

Custom-made wardrobes differ from standard wardrobes and storage systems by offering:

Tailored vs standard design
Furniture that is made to fit specific dimensions will use every inch of available space effectively. Whereas freestanding wardrobes come in standard sizes which may not fit perfectly into your room’s layout.

Personalisation vs limited options
Custom-made wardrobes are designed to seamlessly integrate with your furniture and home decor. From high-quality materials and finishes to hardware, we can align with your unique preferences and storage needs. By contrast, ‘off-the-shelf’ wardrobes are typically available in a limited range of finishes. They may not offer the flexibility to meet your individual preferences or blend as seamlessly with your decorative style.

Customised solutions vs standard storage
Bespoke bedroom storage can be designed to meet your specific needs. Internal features can include adjustable shelving, compartments for accessories and built-in lighting. Mass-produced wardrobes tend to offer only generic or basic storage options.

Here at Wood Works Brighton, we offer the complete solution: creating bespoke wardrobes, from design to build and installation. Our tailor-made wardrobes and bedroom furniture offer you the opportunity to add storage that is unique, functional and built to last.

alcove wardrobes

Image: Traditional style handpainted built-in wardrobes in alcoves with beading, cornice and flutes

Maximising space efficiency

Built-in, wardrobes that have been fitted to your room will optimise storage space:

  • Where space is of a premium, we can incorporate a sliding mechanism on wardrobe doors to eliminate the need for ‘clearance’ or swing space in front
  • If you have alcoves or eaves, we can create storage and display cabinets
  • Corner wardrobes add extra storage in an otherwise unusable space
  • If you have high ceilings or very low ceilings, we can build something with the perfect proportions for your room

Shaker loft

Image: Shaker-style built-in wardrobes in a loft space


Image: Space saver wardrobe under the stairs and mezzanine

From awkward corners, eaves or alcoves to sloping ceilings in loft rooms, our built-in wardrobe ideas can maximise usable storage space while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Customised fitted wardrobe ideas

We collaborate with you to create completely personalised storage solutions that are ideal for your unique needs and lifestyle. Depending on your requirements, we offer:

  • different shelving configurations
  • varied drawer layouts
  • open-fronted display sections to showcase accessories
  • accessory compartments and organisers
  • adjustable shelving
  • pull-out shoe racks
  • adjustable hanging rails
  • built-in mirrors
  • built-in lighting
  • sliding shelves or trays
  • hidden safes or lockable drawers for added security
  • accessory hooks
  • pull-out laundry hampers

Integration with your home aesthetic

We believe it is important to have a cohesive design throughout your home – especially in the bedroom: a place for rest and relaxation.

With bespoke wardrobes, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to choose any style, material and finish, including oak, ash, walnut or handpainted. We can design bedroom storage that seamlessly integrates with your existing interior aesthetic and the architectural features of your home.

hove bedroom

Image: Shaker and bead wardrobe

Adding value and appeal

Our custom-made wardrobes are crafted with superior quality materials and the same attention to detail as we demonstrate with our bespoke kitchens. We take great pride in design and craftsmanship that ensures our fitted wardrobes and bedroom furniture are as robust and durable as they are visually appealing

Investing in stylish, long-lasting bedroom storage can add appeal and value to your home. By enhancing your home’s appearance and practicality, a custom-made wardrobe can be considered an additional selling point.

Built-In Wardrobe Ideas

With many creative ways to add bespoke furniture to your bedroom, we’re happy to discuss your options during a design consultation, including:

  • Combining a wardrobe with a vanity unit or dressing table area
  • Concealing a desk space behind doors
  • Hiding TV and media/entertainment systems within cabinets
  • Turning a smaller bedroom into a dedicated dressing room or walk-in wardrobe – the height of luxury and practicality
  • Adding extra storage to spacious hallways or landing areas
  • Dividing larger bedrooms into sleeping and dressing areas with sleek wardrobe partitions

Paneled shaker wardrobe

bespoke home study

Images: Floor-to-ceiling panelled built-in Shaker wardrobes with desk area

How much is a bespoke wardrobe?

Prices for our made-to-measure bedroom furniture start at £1,900 (+VAT; price valid at April 2024). However, due to our bedroom furniture being 100% bespoke, we quote according to the specific project and materials.

Find out more about made-to-measure bedroom furniture

There are many benefits to investing in bespoke built-in wardrobes for your bedroom. Custom-made bedroom furniture:

  • maximises storage space
  • hides visual clutter
  • offers a neat but attractive appearance
  • provides tailored storage to meet your individual needs and lifestyle

To discuss your bedroom storage requirements, please book an initial free consultation.