Flat Wall Wardrobes

Shaker Wardrobes

Oak Sliding Door Wardrobe
Sliding doors are great if the space does not suit hinged doors. This wardrobe has all the great features, lights, drawer compartments, watch and belt drawer and plenty of carefully thought out space. The design was constantly evolving as we were creating.


Birch Ply Wardrobe
Simple, sleek and practical. Birch ply never disappoints regardless of its application.


Wardrobe with desk
This was specifically designed for a home work and a personal work space. It includes a gully for cables to go in.


Walnut wardrobe
Although this design may look simple, it is actually designed and built to specific requirements. We used a mix of Walnut and spray lacquered doors. The Walnut handles are custom made by Wood Works Brighton.


Painted shaker doors
This wardrobe features Ash veneer interior with painted shaker doors. As the client described it ” Restrained elegance” It also has our very own custom shoe drawer which we have perfected.


Ash wardrobe


Plain English Wardrobe

Oak internal with spray lacquered doors


White Wash Oak Wardrobe

Oak internal with solid oak doors that have been painted and sanded back to expose the grain.


Modern Flush Oak Wardrobe

Oak internal and external


Classic Modern Wardrobe

Oak internal with storage accessories, curved door. Spray lacquered white.

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Space Saver Wardrobe

Oak shoji doors on space saver beds

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Shoji Wardrobe

Traditional shoji doors

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Painted Shoji Door Wardrobe

Oak internal with hand painted doors

1-oak-wardrobe-with-painted-shoji-style-doors 2-oak-wardrobe-with-painted-shoji-style-doors 3-oak-wardrobe-with-painted-shoji-style-doors 4-oak-wardrobe-with-painted-shoji-style-doors 5-oak-wardrobe-with-painted-shoji-style-doors

Solid Ash Wardrobes

Ash wardrobe using tractional joints. This wardrobe can be disassembled.

ash-wardrobes-03 ash-wardrobes-04 ash-wardrobes-05 ash-wardrobes-06a ash-wardrobes-06b

4 Paneled Shaker Oak Wardrobes

Oak doors with alternating panels.

01-oak-wardrobes 02-oak-wardrobes 03-oak-wardrobes

Sliding Doors

Sliding shoji wardrobe doors.

oak-wardrobes-01 oak-wardrobes-02 oak-wardrobes-03 oak-wardrobes-05 oak-wardrobes-06 oak-wardrobes-07 oak-wardrobes-08

Walnut Shoji Wardrobe

Walnut internal and external.

walnut-shoji-wardrobe-01 walnut-shoji-wardrobe-02 walnut-shoji-wardrobe-03