The real value of a custom-made kitchen

‘The kitchen is the heart of the home’: it’s a cliche for a reason. The kitchen is where so much living happens, from its functional purpose – for meal preparation and cooking – to being a social hub for entertaining friends and family.

Since it’s one of the most important rooms in any home, it makes sense to invest in a quality kitchen that matches your lifestyle as well as your aesthetic preferences.

So how much is a bespoke kitchen from Wood Works Brighton? In this article we’ll look at the costs and show some examples of our tailor-made designs.

Image: Zaria – oak veneer on birch ply units with slim legs, fluted oak accents and a Durat work surface – this is not something you’d achieve with a high street kitchen retailer

The cost of a bespoke kitchen from Wood Works Brighton

We’re often asked: ‘how much is a bespoke kitchen?’ Perhaps unusually, we make no secret of the cost of our kitchens.

Our prices are quite varied, ranging from £25k to £100k plus (+VAT) for a handcrafted kitchen. The price range is broad because our kitchens are entirely unique and built to order for each client.

There are various factors that impact on the cost of a bespoke kitchen, including:

  • Your chosen cabinet and worktop materials
  • The complexity of the design
  • The number of units required

bespoke retro kitchen

Image: Enugu – mid-century/retro-style kitchen with Forbo, Krion and fluted glass

The true value of our kitchens

As designers and makers, we approach each project with its unique budget and requirements. This enables us to maximise the level of finish while also meeting our clients’ priorities.

Our kitchens are custom-made to the highest standards of craftsmanship. We tend to use premium sustainable materials that offer both longevity and the precise look our clients have envisaged.

If you’re feeling unsure of how to spend your budget, we are happy to give some guidance. The biggest single spend is usually the worktop so, if you’re close to hitting your budget, this is where the greatest cut could be made.

While our handmade kitchens may have a higher upfront cost when compared to an off-the-shelf model, our service, quality and choice are incomparable.

Francois, our Founder & Director, says:

“Yes – it may be more expensive. Yes – it might take a little longer. And – yes – it might not be robotically perfect, like a German or Italian factory-made kitchen. But your Wood Works Brighton kitchen will hold such meaning for you. You will have directly influenced your kitchen’s character from its conception. And you will be the only one who has this kitchen.

Opting for bespoke also means that you are supporting your local economy and you know exactly what you’re getting, from where and from whom. There is tangible value in our bespoke kitchens – they are painstakingly handcrafted from quality materials. Contrast that with a ‘high street’ factory-made kitchen and what you’re paying for there is factories, warehouses, shipping, showrooms, free designs, sales reps, shareholders and more.”

Wondering whether you can afford the cost of a bespoke kitchen?

Our kitchens are conceived and built with attention to detail, throughout the design and construction process. In the case of Asmara, we worked closely with the family to deliver a kitchen that suited their requirements. On completion, our client said:

“We have been to a few kitchen stores and nearly went with a chain but we felt we wanted something more personal. After discussing what we envisaged with Francois, he and his team managed to help us achieve that without any compromise and gave us a beautiful kitchen that was a reflection of our taste and style, and we managed to achieve it within our budget.

“Francois and his team showed their professionalism and their skilled workmanship and the result is a beautifully hand-crafted kitchen that we will be enjoying as a family.”

Image: Asmara – a contemporary blue kitchen

How much does a bespoke kitchen cost: price vs. choice

One of the most appealing features of taking the bespoke route is the level to which you, the client, can customise your kitchen without compromising.

Kano (below) was tailor-made for our client in Hove. It is a spectacular handcrafted kitchen and everything about it purrs ‘opulence’!

Tall ceiling grand kitchen, Dark panelled kitchen

Image: Kano – dark luxury kitchen

Somewhat gothic and undeniably glamorous, with elegant tall ceilings and gilded coving, our client was looking for a design to complement her impressive room. She didn’t want to conform by settling for the visible functionality of a conventional kitchen and we certainly delivered on that.

Built in robust MR-MDF , the panelled cabinet doors were hand-painted in Farrow & Ball’s moody Railings. This dark and dramatic kitchen/dining room features an island unit on wheels which can easily be rolled out of the way when a dancefloor is needed.

From a budget perspective, painted MR-MDF can be a more affordable choice when compared to other materials such as fluted oak. The luxury elements here are the Cosmic Black granite worktops and gold fixtures and fittings. With all of that being said, Kano showcases how a bespoke kitchen can reflect your unique taste and lifestyle in a way that a high street kitchen simply cannot.

During our design consultation we will run through everything, from practical considerations – such as your storage – to your design aspirations.

The cost of a bespoke kitchen vs. house value

After a loft conversion, conservatory or extension, a handcrafted, tailor-made kitchen is one of the most sensible home investments. It has the potential to add substantial value to your property, should you eventually wish to sell it on.

So, how much value does a new kitchen add to your house price? According to figures from Which? research, on average, a new kitchen can boost the value of your home by around 7-8%. This figure increases to around 15% for a luxury kitchen in a desirable region like the South East of England.

A high-quality well-crafted kitchen also offers the benefit of durability. If it looks great and lasts for decades, a bespoke kitchen can be seen as a highly cost-effective choice.

Book in for a design consultation

While the cost of a bespoke kitchen may be a bit more than an off-the-shelf alternative, there are many advantages to our kitchens including:

  • Unrivalled build quality and craftsmanship
  • Superior quality materials, as far as we know it is always from sustainable sources or manufacturers
  • An endless range of choices to meet your style preferences
  • Undeniable durability
  • Added long-term value to your home

To discuss how much a bespoke kitchen costs , in line with your unique aspirations, please get in touch or click to book a kitchen design consultation.

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