The benefits of tailor made kitchen design services

Here at Wood Works Brighton, we design, create and fit high-quality bespoke kitchens.

Established as carpenters back in 2003, we’ve earned a reputation for our innovative ideas, skilful craftsmanship and creative kitchen design.

In this article, we’ll be shedding light on what makes a kitchen bespoke and the many benefits of choosing a custom made kitchen over off-the-shelf options.

What is a bespoke kitchen?

A bespoke kitchen is one that has been custom-designed and built from scratch to meet your taste and fit with the specific architecture of your home.

Our kitchens are all one-of-a-kind: no two designs are the same. Unlike off-the-shelf kitchens – which are mass-produced and supplied in standardised finishes and configurations – our bespoke kitchen units are made to order, with limitless finishes.

While we work closely with you throughout the journey – always listening to your needs and understanding your aesthetic preferences – there is a distinctive timeless style to our portfolio of kitchen designs.

Designed to reflect your aesthetic

One of the main benefits of tailor made kitchen design is that you can choose the exact finished effect – no compromises.

A custom made kitchen allows for a personalised design to suit your individual style preferences. When you come to us, you’ll have the freedom to choose materials, finishes and colours, as well as a layout to meet your vision.

With Luana – our timeless Shaker kitchen – our vision was to paint the birch ply cabinets in soft shades of pink and grey-green. This combination of subtle colours is simply not available from a high street kitchen retailer.

Modern in frame kitchen

Hand painted green modern shaker kitchen and pink kitchen

We were delighted to work on a project in a dramatic space with high ceilings, decorative feature coving and a huge chandelier. Our luxurious midnight blue Kano kitchen features an island unit on casters that can easily be moved to accommodate our client’s partying guests!

A bespoke kitchen ensures that the heart of your home perfectly complements your interior style.

Personalised service

Opting for a tailor made kitchen design means that you will benefit from completely personalised customer service. We work closely with you to achieve everything you want from your kitchen. From styling and aesthetics to the more practical considerations, we will take the time to understand and deliver your desirables as well as your essentials.

Regardless of the size or shape of your kitchen area, our bespoke designs are crafted for functionality and ease of use.

Our Benghazi kitchen included a walk-in utility room and pantry, concealed behind fluted oak panels. Our client opted for a contrasting combination of crisp white Fenix and warm curved oak units with white Quartz worktops. We also designed and fitted an elegant Foresso* and fluted oak staircase. (*Foresso is like terrazzo but with low carbon timber).

Fluted oak kitchen with white Fenix

Fluted oak benghazi kitchen with white Fenix

Once your beautiful new kitchen is installed, we are on hand to provide ongoing support and aftercare. Client satisfaction is very important to us – even after your project is complete – which is probably why we win so many new projects via recommendation.

Quality craftsmanship and durability

We are very much against the ‘fast furniture’ movement and all that it represents. In contrast to mass-produced kitchen units, we pride ourselves on the standard of our craftsmanship. We use sustainable, durable materials for bespoke kitchen units that are built to last.

Our kitchens are designed to endure. As well as hitting the mark for aesthetic appeal, we always seek to design a kitchen that offers practicality and convenience.
The quality German made closures and robust units are selected and built to withstand daily wear and tear without ever compromising their function.

Built for your kitchen space

A tailor made kitchen is the best solution for optimising the available space in your home. We design kitchens that fit perfectly into the architecture of your home.

Our Kumasi curved kitchen is a case in point. We were contacted by the owner who was looking for a kitchen for their spectacular property – The Modern Oast – in Kent. We aligned with their vision to create bespoke kitchen cabinets and work surfaces that are curved to fit seamlessly within the space. We injected a wonderful mellow texture, using recycled railway sleepers to clad the cabinets. The result is one of our favourite kitchens and we were proud when it was featured in the Grand Designs UK magazine in May 2020. The Modern Oast also won the Royal Institute of British Architects’ RIBA South East Award in 2021.

Kumasi curved Kitchen

Kumasi curved kitchen

We enjoy nothing more than designing a kitchen that is beautiful, functional and meets your unique lifestyle requirements. We create custom-designed storage solutions to accommodate your specific kitchen requirements. We also integrate appliances and fixtures so that they blend seamlessly into your kitchen, for a truly cohesive and efficient space.

What is a bespoke kitchen and why should you choose one?

To recap, there are many benefits to choosing a bespoke kitchen over a mass-produced high street design, including:

  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Tailored customisation to suit your home aesthetic
  • Maximum space utilisation
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Supporting the craftsmen, the local economy and community

In addition, investing in a bespoke kitchen adds long-term value to your home.

Stylish tailor made kitchen design

We offer a free initial design appointment where we can discuss your ideas and get a sense of what you’re looking to achieve while also sharing our vision.

For any questions about our bespoke kitchen service, call us on 07806 202975 or 07971 478633. Alternatively, please click here to book a free consultation and we can talk through some ideas for your kitchen design project.