Bespoke Shelving

Bespoke shelving and wooden cabinets offer a wealth of aesthetic possibilities that no other option can present. Homeowners are in complete control of the final appearance thanks to the variety of finishes and stains that can be applied to the quality wood of their choosing. Additionally, the homeowner can take advantage of complete customization for their shelving units. Bookshelves can be built into alcoves, constructed to be freestanding, or designed so that they blend seamlessly into the architecture already at work in the home. Professional cabinet makers can work with the concerns of the customer in order to deliver a final product that adds both elegance and value to any space. Taking advantage of cabinetry that is built into the current layout of the home also frees up space. The shelving offers additional storage without taking up any valuable room in the existing floor plan.

When exploring fitted and custom shelving, customers can choose among a huge number of woods that ensure durability. Pine, hardwoods, and stained pines are among the most popular choices. The style and materials can customized in order to blend with the style of the home. The high level of craftsmanship also ensures that every detail is exact. There is no loss of beauty or efficiency when you embrace this type of shelving. Entire rooms can be completely remodeled in order to offer greater utility and storage.

Floating shelves are currently very popular in Brighton & Hove. At Wood Works we can design and create a single floating shelf, a bespoke book case or an entire home library for all your books and other treasures.

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