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Enter the realm of culinary refinement with our latest bespoke kitchen with the Vawdrey House, an understated masterpiece that exudes cool sophistication.

The centerpiece is a resplendent green marble worktop, a statement in opulence and functionality. Floor-to-ceiling vintage black-stained oak doors and patinated solid brass doors, embellished with solid brass handles encase the kitchen in a seamless fusion of timeless aesthetics and contemporary design, leaving an indelible mark of bespoke craftsmanship.

This meticulously curated space extends its allure with a large green leather banquette seat, an oasis of comfort amidst sleek surroundings. The fully equipped coffee station, complete with slide and hide doors, caters to the connoisseur’s palate, offering a refined start to the day. A substantial concrete island dominates the space, a sleek surface that effortlessly balances utility and style.

Adding a touch of botanical charm, a dedicated gantry showcases a collection of beautiful plants, accentuating the kitchen’s attention to detail and elevating it to a realm where bespoke elegance reigns supreme.

Black valchromat internals / vintage oak doors / brass doors / concrete work top/ green marble work top / green leather banquette