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KUMBA is the perfect balance of rustic oak against recycled black craft paper.

The kitchen island that was nearly never born. Kim and Paolo were adamant they did not want an island in their new kitchen. There was plenty of space, just no desire for it. So we proceeded to design the kitchen without one.

After the first round of designs, we all thought the space in the middle of the kitchen was lacking something. There was no need for a dining table as this was going in the corner next to the window. After many conversations we began to flirt with the idea of creating a freestanding island. They wanted the option to be able to move it around or out of the way if there was ever a need, like a table I guess.

After several design tweaks …. and many crafted hours, this functional island was born. Just the right size and shape to compliment the new bespoke kitchen.

As with many bespoke projects this one had its challenges. Mostly under the stairs. The solutions were an odd shape pantry and a great discovery – a long pull out hidden pantry for cereals, jars, spices etc. What started out as a difficult space to work with actually provided some great ideas for thinking outside of the box. This is truly bespoke.


  1. We’re big fans of how the black Richlite kitchen cabinets pair with beautiful natural wood.
  2. The terrazzo work tops marry the two materials seamlessly.
  3. The hidden pull out pantry design offer tons of storage – perfect for those who love to live a curated life!


  • CABINETS – solid 3 layer rustic oak | Richlite.
  • WORKTOPS & UPSTAND – Diespeaker terazzo.
  • ACCENTS – cut out handles | black-coloured taps.


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