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This design was a joint operation between us and the client based on the classic American aero caravan, with a few modern tweaks of course. We were presented with many challenges, which we overcame. These are the kinds of projects that we love to get stuck into.

“We’d been to a few kitchen stores and they all wanted a fair wad of cash for something that didn’t feel anything special or built to last, and involved compromises to fit into the awkward parts of the room. We had a number of ideas that we wanted to blend together but assumed it would be too hard or expensive to achieve. We spoke to Francois and he immediately seemed keen on the challenge and had lots of ideas to add to the pot.

Francois was very patient over the ‘extended’ building period, and adopted a few last minute changes that we made. When it came to the build and finish, Shaun was great and you could tell was a craftsman who was proud of his work, going the extra mile to get the finish right.

We think the kitchens awesome and glad we went with woodworks, and would happily use true craftsmen again. Hopefully we’ll never have to sell our house!”

Will & Sarah, Milford, Surrey

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Our contemporary kitchen designs encompass a wide range of styles allowing you to truly express your creativity and make an elegant design statement. Our custom-made contemporary kitchens can be found in endless colours and styles ranging from wood to stone finishes or ultra-matt to hand painted cabinets. No matter how challenging the brief is, our expert team will be there to guide you to find a contemporary kitchen style that is guaranteed to delight and built to last a lifetime.

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