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We were fortunate to have both space and time for this project, as well as trusting clients in our ability to design and be creative. This was a design and build project with the option of exploring new materials like the amazing Chroma worktop that disperses light beautifully. This kitchen truly suits its owners down to a “T”.

“Woodworks designed and built the most wonderful, unique kitchen for me as well as some book¬shelves and doors, using some really interesting materials. Their creativity and design ideas are great and their unfailingly cheerful support and advice is invaluable.

The quality AND IMAGINATION IN everything that they have done really shines out from their work and the fact that they can provide this within the budgets set make them a company I would always use. From kitchens to bookshelves and next to a tree house and a sideboard, they can turn their hands to any woodworking project it would seem. We also had a beautiful wood floor laid by the guys, an off the shelf purchase of engineered boards which they customized for us so that we now have something really unique which is admired by everyone who sees it. I would recommend them wholeheartedly”

Chris and Adrienne, West Hove