Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

Wardrobes are a part of your every day life. They are usually the first thing you see and use in the morning and thats why Wood Works enjoy creating beautiful Bespoke wardrobes.

Our fitted wardrobes are tailor made to suit your everyday requirements, practically and aesthetically

A designer will go through all the specific details for your new wardrobe and discuss different style and material options.

All our wardrobes are custom built by skilled craftsmen in our Brighton work shop, which you are welcome at any time. Once they are built, we simply deliver and install. This reduces the time and mess in your home.

For your brand new wardrobe contact us now.

Plain English Wardrobe

Oak internal with spray lacquered doors



White Wash Oak Wardrobe

Oak internal with solid oak doors that have been painted and sanded back to expose the grain.



Modern Flush Oak Wardrobe

Oak internal and external

8-img_9504 7-img_9502 6-img_9487





Glass Door Wardrobes

Oak internal with white backed glass

5-img_9087 4-img_9077 3-img_9062 2-img_9053 1-img_9049


Classic Modern Wardrobe

Oak internal with storage accessories, curved door. Spray lacquered white.

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Space Saver Wardrobe

Oak shoji doors on space saver beds

1-img_7755 2-img_7770 3-img_7772 4-img_7775 5-img_7782 6-img_7785 7-img_7789 8-img_7791 9-img_7795 10-img_7800 11-img_7802 12-img_7804 13-img_7806


Shoji Wardrobe

Traditional shoji doors

14-img_7819 15-img_8628 16-img_8634 17-img_8638 18-img_8660 19-img_8667


Ash And Oak Alcove Wardrobes

Ash internal and doors. Oak frame.

20-img_8669 21-img_8679 22-img_8686 23-img_8690


Bespoke Space Saver Wardrobe

Wardrobe under the stairs and mezzanine.

1-img_2413 2-img_4930 3-img_4936 4-img_4946 5-img_4952 1-img_4923


Loft Wardrobe

Walnut internal and spray lacquered doors.

2-img_4932 5-img_4971 6-img_4974 4-img_4953 3-img_4949


Painted Shoji Door Wardrobe

Oak internal with hand painted doors

1-oak-wardrobe-with-painted-shoji-style-doors 2-oak-wardrobe-with-painted-shoji-style-doors 3-oak-wardrobe-with-painted-shoji-style-doors 4-oak-wardrobe-with-painted-shoji-style-doors 5-oak-wardrobe-with-painted-shoji-style-doors


Alcove Victorian Wardrobes

MDF painted white

alcove-wardrobes-01 alcove-wardrobes-02 alcove-wardrobes-05 alcove-wardrobes-06 alcove-wardrobes-07


Traditional Wardrobe

Beading, cornice and flutes to achieve a period look. Hand painted MDF

alcove-wardrobes-08 alcove-wardrobes-08a alcove-wardrobes-09 alcove-wardrobes-10 alcove-wardrobes-11 alcove-wardrobes-12


Solid Ash Wardrobes

Ash wardrobe using tractional joints. This wardrobe can be disassembled.

ash-wardrobes-03 ash-wardrobes-04 ash-wardrobes-05 ash-wardrobes-06a ash-wardrobes-06b


4 Paneled Shaker Oak Wardrobes

Oak doors with alternating panels.

01-oak-wardrobes 02-oak-wardrobes 03-oak-wardrobes


Sliding Doors

Sliding shoji wardrobe doors.

oak-wardrobes-01 oak-wardrobes-02 oak-wardrobes-03 oak-wardrobes-05 oak-wardrobes-06 oak-wardrobes-07 oak-wardrobes-08


Loft Oak Wardrobe

Curved Oak wardrobe to save space in the loft.

oak-wardrobes-09 oak-wardrobes-10 oak-wardrobes-11 oak-wardrobes-12


Walnut Shoji Wardrobe

Walnut internal and external.

walnut-shoji-wardrobe-01 walnut-shoji-wardrobe-02 walnut-shoji-wardrobe-03